Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Do Hell with Retrospectives!!!

A Failed Project, A toxic leader, A Butt checker Team, A furious client, A meeting to decide who is to be blamed for the failure of the project.... Wow How best than this can you define UNTEAM. A developer blaming on the UI designer, The designer blaming on the developer, the QA blaming both, The Manager blaming everyone and the client blaming the development Team all of this has become common now... even with the Agile teams.... somehow I am getting a feel that the best of the processes that are introduced are getting screwed just becuase people dont understand if they are using it or following it correctly...

Surprisingly I see a (so called)Agile team that does not believe in retrospectives... the fun part of it is that retrospectives are not known, people do not know what , why and when about retrospectives.... As an agile Team I always believed that somebody or everybody in the Team needs to know what goes right and what we can do to make it more effective, morever it is also important to know what is going wrong and what best can be done to make it work right. So when the Agile Teams call Hell with retrospectives the projects are going to fail.

Now do you want a weekly kick off to happen to discuss what is going right and what is going wrong rather than discussing who did it wrong and that what was done wrong?