Wednesday, 13 February 2008

You get rejected if?

Yesterday I interviewed a Sr. Business Development Manager for my new venture, the role involves everything a Biz Dev Manager has to do plus be a potential CSO. Unfortunately he got rejected inspite been tremendously talented the only reason been there was a lot of "I" in the conversations... when Rama asked me last time on how to ensure that we get a person with the right attitude I had thought of a few reasons... but becuase most of the people think I am a sadist I would put it in the best possible negative way. Here are the reasons why we would reject you for any position in our Organisation no matter how talented you are:

1. You think you work hard while others dont.

2. You use a lot of "I" in your conversations.

3. You want to do everything on your own.

4. You talk great about your company and Boss and bad about your peers and collegues.

5. You want to grow personally and professionally alone.

6. You think creating your importance in the team will secure a permanent place for you in the team.

7. You like to control.

8. You like to make decissions on your own.

9. You think you are smarter than anyone else in the world.

10. You dont have 5 reasons we should hire you

11. You dont know what comes after been a CEO of our firm.

12. You like to keep trade secrets.

13. You think becuase of you many things work.

14. You think change causes disasters

15. You dont have a great sense of humour.

16. You only want to succeed in your life without failing

17. You think you can make or bend careers of others.

18. You dont like your Boss, Collegue or your peer

19. You think Hook or Crook is the right way to survive...

20. You like to work late and hard.. ( Geez did I just loose my job?)

Now this is just my base version of list... I have a technical version of it that can tell you more about our way of choosing the Teams....Now what do you think when you hire someone?