Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Change # 2 : A Thank You a day, keeps distances Away

Not that I wanted to be a PR personnel for myself.. but over a period of time I have realised that we miss to remember those people who have done Good and Bad to you. These people definitely need some level of appreciation from you for what they have done to you. They are the same ones who have mattered in your life and will matter many times in future... The first day of the change when I called my long time associate who I never spoke to since last 9 yrs and thanked him for helping me generate a better career path for myself, he was glad. He liked it, he liked it very much. I think it bonded our relationship and improvised it a bit. Since August 16th I have heard from him atleast 7 times and all of those conversations have helped me groom our friendship well.

The second Thank You was to someone who had tried to be as bad to me as he could have being.. amazingly the person commits to his sins, wanted to tell me why he did that to me and also covered a lot of things that I never knew about... Good Deal. Anyways the idea of bringing in this change is to Appreciate those thankful figures in my life (personal or professional) who have made my life better or worse.

I have hit around 17 Thank You's so far and I intend to migrate myself from 1 thank you per day to 1 Thank You per week(I definitely dont want to spend my time reforming friends and foes if I do one per day ;))

So now for all those of you blog readers and feed readers I want to Thank you for reading what I write around... I never know if anytime with google analytics I would be able to trace out who you are and where you from.. unless you reveal yourself through comments on a not so good usable comments model.