Friday, 25 September 2009

Does your Boss love you more than sex?

Well I am yet again getting into the mode... but the mood is very provocative, I happen to ask this question as sitting in various chairs you realize what you expect in each of these seats... As a Junior I always expect appreciation for the hard work done, I always expect to be told about my mistakes in private, I always like to not hear bad about me, I always like to get big bonuses and big salary increments.

When I sit in the leaders chair I demand a different thing... I always like if somebody takes initiative and takes it to end, I always like people on time and target, I always like everything to be nice and perfect and I always want the best to done at the less most cost.. Anyways this is how each of us see it... from different sides... however that's not the reason why I write this... I write this to mention that a few things if taken care can actually make life of each of us very easier.. as bosses and as their employees...

A few tips on how your Boss can like you better, but at the same time how your life can be easier in understanding your own expectations as bosses :P

1. Passion... do you have it in you?
Keep the interest at work. Keep your passion level up. Most of the times we get non passionate.. we think what should get done today would be OK even if it gets done tomorrow. You are on a critical task and you leave for the day without even dropping a note to your boss? Your boss is as hard working as you, the only difference is that he has himself to keep him motivated, you have several others. Keep the passion at the peak and see how best you can do your task.. finally its not about pleasing your boss... but instead doing your own things correctly which in turn would ease life of everyone.

2. Loyalty.. does it reflect?
He protects you, you don't know.. but he stands for you. He does his part and is always following up with you if you have everything to do yours. He stands in with you in emergencies, he lets you take your leaves in time of critical importance. In turn what does he expect? a little bit of loyalty... the loyalty demands you do your work in time and as per expectation and do not demand a blame "My boss doesn't do anything????"

3. Do you want to replace him?
80% of employees think that they can do better than their bosses. They think, sometimes they do... but Management is not a task, it is not something that starts on day 1 and finishes on day X, its different .. its ever lasting and is not as easy as it appears... Each one of us want to grow... but the growth is different based on how you want to grow???? If you want to replace your Boss and if that is visible.. its not working well...Last thing your boss would love about you...

4. You Bluff , You get away?
People tend to bluff, its easy to get away... a few bluffs I have heard used to be funny... you laugh on it specially when you know the truth behind... Its hard, Bluff is the easy way to get away in a short run, long run it sucks... Once your boss knows that you are a Bluff master, your future is on toss... you can depend on bluffs not for work items.. above all its the truth what will bring you closer to your task.. bluff takes the trust away..

5. Are you a friend?
You are a friend to your boss? Are you kidding? No its a plain professional relationship, it has a caring touch because that's what your boss role a friend but don't behave like one... that's the last thing your boss and you would want.

6. Too much of it or too less of it? Yes I talk of initiatives
Less initiatives.. kills, Too many initiatives over kill.. yes when you have no initiatives they cause a block to the work.. your boss wants you to do some things that he always wanted to get done... if you don take initiatives h falls behind...

Too many initiatives???? overkill why??? well you wont be happy if those initiatives cannot be implemented or ideas getting rejected or initiatives not getting justification.. your Boss would be in a situation because he may not be in a state to implement them all...
Initiatives be balanced... they work well then ;)

So a few tips on what bosses like , and what we as employees should think of... Got any views????