Thursday, 17 September 2009

The Winning Habits # 1

It's not whether you get knocked down; it's whether you get up - Vince Lombardi

My earlier post on Killing the Looser within you was oriented towards the Looser that is invisible and sits within you... a few more thoughts made me write this post on what really it takes to be a True winner. Over the last few years of my interaction with several people , and I mean those several people who I call "B Factored" (they are the same variety who want to follow the path already taken, they believe in the "This is what it says" and I would only do what is told ....) though I am not going to criticize them here.. it is important to know that Success is defined by them as "What Others did that I can copy or how much I made in $$" ... for Some it is "How many hardships I went through to be WHAT I AM" for some it is "How many people know my Status".... I am not going to define Success for you... because the definition and the process of Definition of Success is going to be your

Winning habit # 1.

I categorized myself earlier into the B Factored to start with.. I know I have evolved now and I am changing ever since... Why I say so???? Well I read 9 Autobiographies and Biographies of some famous people like Mahatma Gandhi (My Experiment with Truth) , Nelson Mandela (Walk for Freedom) , Khan Abdul gaffar Khan, Narayan Murthy and of course the published article on Dhirubhai Ambani... The major objective being to learn what they did and follow the path... I realized that's not what brings you to success...Why???????

A majority of us believe in Success... yet a few of us know what it is actually... Success has different levels and applies to you at different times.. but have you being able to define Success for you? The path written about the hard ships , challenges faced by someone in their book is the path of execution... in other words what is done and how it is done.. You read through lives and learn execution... eventually a lot of us believe in Execution.. We are successful based on how well we do things isn't it???

We think every day on how best we can do things?

Every day we think of how we can succeed and by doing what?

Every day we think of how we can stand out of the crowd?

We always think of HOW..

Yes we are more concerned about the HOW than the What.. and that is what really kills us...

So what is the Winning Habit # 1 ???

It is the Attitude..

Yes your Attitude towards everything... It's the attitude that defines your Winning Ladder, its your attitude that makes you look the divine future better, its your attitude that would help you achieve what you have not thought of..

And what is this Attitude?

Ask yourself a question, why you are doing what you are doing? and are you happy doing it?
Answer it, Yes Right here...
How many times you admit your mistakes?
Go On, Answer it
What do you do when somebody criticizes you?
How do you treat your Peers, Bosses and Colleagues?
How do you treat the people who serve you at Hotels, Restaurants?
What is failure for you?
How important is Winning for you?

The answers to these and many such questions define your attitude.... and believe me this is what will define your definition of Success.. This is what will define the next habit in the hierarchy of Success...

Work on it.. Cause in the ladder to be a True Winner this is going to be your First Step ;)

A great attitude does much more than turn on the lights in our worlds; it seems to magically connect us to all sorts of serendipitous opportunities that were somehow absent before the change - Earl Nightingale