Monday, 28 September 2009

Winning habits # 2

With reference to the Winning Habits Series the second in the row.. is around the negativity...Yes the Looser within you like I said is always active and waiting.. not only that, the looser within you also has a close ally... A close ally that some people call


Yes.. the same old negativity that takes over your mind when you are successful or a looser...

I would say that as a pessimistic guy I am... I wont make a winning habit number 2 with WHAT TO DO.. instead I would put it as what not to do.. Yes.. the winning habit number 2 is


Kill it, Bury It... I know you cant... because I cant, no one can... In fact the source of negativity never dies.. it stays within, it is like the looser that would wait for you to succeed, and the moment you are successful it would erupt... so when you say Kill it what exactly do we do????

I cant teach or coach you in this.. I always tried to come out of it.. but I dont know if I was always successful in it.. anyways.. this is habit that can take you to success eternal or not is upto you.. but yes success guaranteed :P

So what to do to adapt this winning habit # 2 Kill the Negativity ???

1. Depend and be Dependant???? Say No

I come to you and I ask for an advice "Hey I am tired of XXXX , he is my collegue yet acts smart" or "I am tired of my Boss, I do everything and he just takes the cream"

You advise "Yes he is like that, I faced the same issue" darnnnnn... now you have become a platform... next time on you would be targeted for every query, complain, grievance... it doesnt end here.. you will also be the soft friend who knows who I hate and who not. The skilled Manager would always listen... Listen yet not advice..., wouldn't agree to a suggestion that you posted in front of him with the only answer that would make you happy... He will not drive you away and he will not agree to what you just postered.... he would instead say..."Thats a part of the job, you would love a few and hate a few" but tell me whats the guarantee that even if you change you wont get the same situation???

Depending on others and making others Dependant on you for shooting their grievances is a killer.. a negativity killer..the law of attraction... Negativity attracts negativity... dont expect 2 people blaming a common person would mean a positive effect

2. Complaining is my birth right, and I shall have it???? No way

A lot of us crib, complain, whinn.. about everyone , everything.. we blame our bosses, we blame our colleugues, we blame everyone who can be blamed for everything possible.. this definitely is a killer looser habit... throws a lot of negativity and demands a lot of it... You keep whinning and you attract a lot of other whinners around you.. who would do nothing but blame the situations around you and do nothing... why not take a step ahead and set to fix it? A handful of people always believe in doing things... the rest in complaining about things... so next time when you have a lot to complain about.. why not ask a question to yourself??? What part of my complains can I fix????

3. I hate everyone of those who are bad to me, I hate everyone of those who are good to me ????

You are a hater. If you are jealous within about people, things you are a hater.. When you hate someone you start talking more about them. Every now and then, every while or other. I realised I did this sometime ago. It takes a toll on your mind and then you start gossiping about things. These gossips then make you a gossiper and then you are surrounded by those losers who want to throw their part of the negativity at you. Remember easy way to be out of this is stop gossiping. Never fall to gossip about something, someone, somehow.

So a few tips on how you can cover negativity. Remember one thing.. we all are humans and it is a part of our nature... negativity is within all of us, you accept or deny. It doesn’t matter on how much of negativity you have or carry.. what matters is the amount of it that you make to good use by not throwing at others...