Monday, 30 November 2009

Are you burnt out?

We ask this question... a few hours, days moment before we make a request to our Boss for a week long vacation or just when you think that its being a full quarter and you haven't taken your holidays .... I have read and seen a lot of guys saying , talking , writing this... We are burnt out and need a break from routine... I too sometimes. But I never found out what this burnt out means... Honestly never.. when you are not very productive at work is burnt out? Or You had too many tasks in the last few months and now you dont means burnt out? or you just achieved what you were supposed to and now you are burnt out?

Well I dont know when, this part called Stress I believe is an offer made in your appointment letter.. which you have gladly accepted in return of a huge salary... then why dont we say that I have had enough for the last few months.. I need a break from the huge pay... well kidding...Everyone @work gets stressed, sometimes due to overload and sometimes due to under load... but Stress exists... the moment this element called stress enters your work world you feel stressed... Fully Stressed...

Now Are you stressed too? Maybe , Maybe Yes, Maybe No... Yes and / or No... I cant get any answer not in the list above... I am dammn sure about it.. But do you know if a week long vacation is the answer to your burnt out Status? I doubt.. the week long break can get you out of routines .. but can it get you out of burnt out status? really NO.. Honestly Not... its a psychological effect that some people think that since they have taken a break they are out... I thought I would list down.. when to call that you are burnt out... how to handle the burnt out status without going away from work , and Finally how to come out of it... I purely write this based on my experience... not to mention that in the past 4-5 yrs, I have never felt that I can be relieved with a 1 week break after I was burnt out.

How do you know you have burnt out?

1. You wake up , first thought.... Dammit Office
2. You get up , brush , freshen up... you think.... Can I just stay home? can I call off sick?
3. You work for 1 hr into office and you feel thats the end of the day.
4. You are rude , less talking with your collegues.
5. You prefer writing a email and letting someone else follow up.
6. You just sit i front of your computer... last and first thing you think of during the day is Coffee...
7. You do your job, but you know that you are not doing it right.
8. You try to runaway from what you have being doing.
9. You hate attending meetings.. because you think its a waste of time.
10. You forget to check your personal emails until end of the day...
11. On your way home you realise that your wife asked some groceries.
12. You forget its your friends Birthday / Get together / Meetup .. is spite of reminders until an hour ago...

What to do to not get Stressed in the Burnt out status

1. Start your day with yourself.
2. Music .. some soft one.
3. Do not think of your tasks until you reach office...
4. Call your old friend on your way to office.
5. Login to your desktop.. and open a social networking site... see what friends have to say about you.
6. Put a funny one liner ticker on your homepage...
7. Every 30 minutes.. just go out and check the weather... even if it rains or its burning sun.
8. Speak to your desk buddy... ask him about what he did last evening.
9. Out of your last few weeks of work.. bring up a task that you have being not doing.. completing it will give you pleasure of not being stressed.
10. Think of ways that relax you.. Movies , Books , games , puzzles, riddles.. play them online or offline..
11. Never read "How to reduce Stress"
12. Do you have more to add here?

You really sure you want to get off it now?... Ok So hold on...wait for the next post to come... we discuss... how to handle the burnt out status and come out of it with ease...