Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Of Teams and Mediocrity

The Last post I wrote about Teams and trusts I missed a critical point that I would like to cover now... Mediocrity within Teams... You may have seen this often, very often, you may have done it or experienced it... you may be a part of it or you may hate it... Mediocrity has always being a killer in Teams... a few examples :

1. You step into a new Project , a New Team and when you start for work on day 1 you see that all the guys in the Team are busy heads down in Facebook..

2. You take your desk and see around, you see every one busy with themselves...

3. On day 1 you see your watch and find its lunch time, you step out and find all the colleagues sitting and sun bathing for hours during lunch time

4. You see someone not finishing tasks on time and yet not facing consequences

5. You see Team members not following rules

6. You see Team members not following disciplines...

What do you do when you see all this?

Here is what I have seen...

1. Some Join the lot
2. Some crib about it and then join the lot
3. Some choose to do the same in a different way
4. Some want to change it, but cant because the tree with roots cannot be changed and then give up
5. Some Quit
6. Some enjoy this and do it forever

What do you do? Or What will you do?

As Managers
As Team Players