Monday, 9 November 2009

Few ways to identify a Commited collegue

  • You have never see him out of office
  • The places he is most found is the work desk , meeting room , coffee macine
  • When he speaks about the project, he is at top of his voice
  • He is on every forum and community related to the domain you work on
  • When he is done he would sit at other desk and watch what they do, help them
  • The first and last email you get at work is from him
  • He is there in sun , rains and winter
  • You think you can sleep well because he is there to handle any emergencies
  • You get a chat message or an email in the middle of the night on how you can do something better

What else can you think of? I will add more when I get some sleep for this week.... I plan to sleep 15 hours this week ;)