Monday, 11 January 2010

Confessions of a frustrated soul!!!

My weekend was rather dramatic this time.. a few movies, some time resting and a slip in nature's arm... I kind of enjoyed the whole weekend.. and while I was enjoying my weekend, I watched a funny movie "Confessions" based on a so called true story the movie rotated around a bunch of frustrated souls and their journey towards "do nothing". While I kept wondering why "Do Nothing Attitude" so prevailing in the society I was encountered by a fellow neighbor who discussed "Frustration" with me...

Frustration about how "People bother you when you are on Holidays" , "How not hire good guys" "how show off" "how show attitude" "how do buttering to get promoted" blah blah blah.... As a good listener I listened and explained a few good things about how not to get involved in such situations.... and as an answer to the issue.. I raised a few questions to myself...

Why do we intelligent souls get frustrated?
Answer was kind of tricky... and kind of easy... I decided to use my part of the weekend to get the answer... here is what I found...

1. I asked 12 people into different professions, different types of domains... they all gave different reasons here is my list :

1. 5 said Competition @work
2. 5 said Too much work
3. 1 said Inability to cope up things
4. 1 said Success of others

The last 2 were very honest and I promised them I wont disclose any names here... but as you see the top reason seems to be competition, it links directly to work.... the moment things dont go our way, we go frustrated. And when we get frustrated it affects major parts of our lives... A student reacts to an angry professor by saying "Must have had a fight with wife?"

Father angry with Boss goes home and slams kids?

Here are a few more statements that came out of the discussions I had ...

"Well frustrations dont limit me to work... I feel like bashing my neighbors dog who barks in the night"

"I find it hard, but sometimes even your closest friend is not the answer... you just want to bang your head"

Eventually Frustration is a killer... it kills mind, focus, brains, attitude, approach and last but not the least... "Future"

So how do we handle Frustration? I went through Google and except one or 2 good links, I did not find anything to read on...Hence decided to put my next blog on How to tackle Frustration?

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