Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Is Micro Management coool?

Ask this to a seasoned Manager and he will say NO. Ask this to a theory manager and he too will say NO.. In fact ask anyone and they will say NO. Nobody wants to be micro managed. However a big chunk of Managers are micro managing things. They dont want to be micromanaged but they want to micro manage.

In fact a lot of Managers think that the tasks are only done when micro managed. In the list of Micro Managers I am not the one less accused, Yes in the past I have been oftenly accused of micro managing. Though I disagreed to a certain level, I agree that that I do MICRO MANAGE. So the question... Is Micro Management cool?

Well the answer is not NO.. it is Yes and No... Yes more diplomatic. You need to micro manage not always though. I dont criticize micro management and I dont endorse it too. I believe in micro managing self when working on potentially high risk elements... so what do you think all the TADA lists are for? what was post it made for? and the answer goes on....

But yes.. think of that member of your team who gets out of focus the very moment when he sees something more exciting? Or think of the most dedicated member of the team who is just doing his task on and on and on... Well you need to micro manage for good and bad reasons... its you who has to decide who, when and how much.

So whats your take on Micro Management?