Friday, 19 March 2010

Teams, Collaboration and Yammer

One of the challenges we Project Managers face in our routines and project cycles is a lack of communication. X knows something that is missed out of communication to Y and so on. Everyone in the Software Teams need a way to communicate with the ton with ease... We all then start relying on our time killer Emails... Yes we send emails to aliases and then we rely on emails back.. responses that come from specific groups.

8 Months ago we switched to Yammer, The core idea was the remote teams that we were working with in the UK, France , Germany , US , Chennai and Pune needed a common way to communicate.. a way that doesn't restrict us to certain tools and software's, yet allow sending message to many at a time, yet allow getting responses from many at a time, yet have a thread and a link to replies, yet have a phone, Black berry , Desktop or web application that can work for anyone and everyone, yet allow sharing files and pics and above all be available from anywhere, everywhere all the time.

To our luck Yammer has turned out to be quite a relief as people can ask for quick answers / doubts to a bigger group and get answers and updates all the time. I would recommend Yammer for collaborative teams due to the flexibility and the app support that it provides with ease. Above all an unadministered domain in Yammer will cost you nothing, It can miraculously change the way your team interacts...

Ignore those chat sessions that will happen, but can be really a lifeline to the diminishing integration you are facing in your teams... So if you like Yammer don't hesitate to Thank me for it.. and get your colleagues to read more of this blog as I am more keen to share the Project Management tools that worked for us and in what way....

There are other similar collaborative tools that I gave some try but could never switch as Yammer did what we wanted... but in case you are interested go on and look for Socialcast , Shoutem