Thursday, 20 March 2008

[Humour] Performance Appraisal and the real meanings

This is really funny and ingenious idea (Not mine though)

Outgoing personality-Always going out
Great presentation skills-Able to bull shit
Good Communication skills-Always on the phone
Work is first priority-Too ugly to get a date
Active socially-Drinks a lot
Independent worker-Nobody knows what he does
Quick thinking-Offers plausible excuses
Careful thinker-won't make decisions
Use logic on difficult jobs-Use someone else to do it
Has Leader ship qualities-Tall or Loud voice
Exceptionally good judgment-Really Lucky
keen sense of humor-Knows lot of dirty jokes
Career minded-Back stabber
Loyal-Can't get a job anywhere else
Relaxed attitude-Sleeps at work

Now apply this to you colleagues.......