Sunday, 2 March 2008

Dealing with difficult people - I

I wanted to write about this on the day I decided to move on the the next chapter of my Book Work Better than Sex, however thought I would still study more and add to the species so that you know more about the difficult people you have to deal with all your Manager career....

All through our work life we are bothered, harassed and humiliated by some people we purely name them "DIFFICULT" in one form or the other... the best thing of having to face or deal with a difficult person is that they add a lot of value to our careers... Believe me it taste's bitter but results in Sweet... it is that sour grape that you dont like raw however in its liquid form turns to be a exotic wine.... I decided to get on these difficult people in our lives by categorizing them in its best and putting down how to deal with such... in my earlier attempt to write about the YIKIT's I identified these other species....

Based on the findings I would like to introduce you to these difficult people one by one....Lets talk about the Saddam's and Hitlers...who also are the hostile barbarics... these are those type of people you deal in your team who always want to push there own agenda or views, no matter whether they stand for good or not. These barbarians are also very hostile and at times you find them quite the next moment ready to blast like a nuclear bomb... They go to any and every extent to put forth what they want and are really a trouble as far as the Team is concerned... A few characteristics of these aggressive species are:

1. They critise just for the sake of it.
2. They are sarcastic when not required and arrogant always
3. They love playing cats and dogs
4. They like to get people down
5. They see themselves as smarter than anyone else..and deprieve the best talent under vein.

A lot of times the barbarians corrupt the teams and morales and cause tremendous amount of unrequired pressures. Now this species of the difficult people is not really very difficult to handle... Just the right things need to be put in the right places to ensure this works well.... Keep following to know the How To ;)