Saturday, 8 March 2008

I resign officially

Just waiting for valleys to dry up so that I can smoothly flow out of this... I resign officially out of the scores of my Myspace account now.. here are the reasons:

1. I dont check it too often
2. There is nothing new now since the CEO last announced.
3. Too many ads that get blocked in my home and Vista firewall
4. Too much of unrequired friend invites
5. Every Single invite I get thinks that I am a desperate Dog to watch the girls on their private cams.. Holy Shit!!!!
6. I better like visting a PORN site then myspace.. now
7. I have no friends left on myspace.. they have either moved to Facebook or I catch them up on twitter

So while I suck it up with Myspace.... I would still take some time till I get active on FaceBook