Thursday, 22 October 2009

My Time Sucks!!!

I am getting busier and busier everyday, Each of the days I tried Pomodoro's they worked well, eventually you need a discipline to follow pomodoro days .. and I suck at it... Honestly in the last few weeks I had no UN SCHEDULED TIME FOR MYSELF

People ask Me on how I can spend time on blogging every day, still being active on FB or twitter .. I always say "I got 25 hrs a day" the secret is that this statement is not true...I always manage to keep a bigger set of time unscheduled.. Yes UnPlanned , UnOrganized..completely contradicting to following planned days across days and years... Yes very true... a lesson learnt from my previous Boss Subash Sangam.. he once mentioned me that it is better to not be planned for the full day and yet to hava a TADA list ;)

Boss.. I want to say that I took the lesson right and follow it.. though not as well as I should..

Ok so whats the benefit of not having a day in office planned?

1. Gives you liberty to utilize the time or unplanned activities that pop up everyday... as in
"The tap in the bathroom is leaking, can you fix it please?"

2. Gives you time to think of the mistakes you do, today , everyday
How many of us really note down what we missed today.. I tried to.. it worked.. this is only possible when you have some time available for yourself. You can list down what mistakes you made and what mistakes others made so you can tackle the issue before it is too late to address it..

3. You are either a Sailor or a Fire fighter
I was always told by people that Sailors earn well , fire fighters dont... if you have no unscheduled / made free time means you are handling planned activities and unplanned activities.. in other words .. you are doing your job and fire fighting...
Sailors can sail smooth ;) unless waters turn dirty :P

4. Successful leaders need time to think future and utilize reflections of past
Only if you keep some time unplanned to pick this topic and do it..

In my current job, I used some time to build Team members portfolios.. this helped me when I appraised them.. to tell them what good they did and what good they could not.. and why.. eventually a habit became a blessing and got me to a habit to steal some time in keeping this portfolio...

Now with all this...
My time sucks now...sadly I need 28 hrs a day now... I am really spending my time fixing problems and issues... as opposed to those free zone times when I would think of mistakes made by Me and our Team, and trying to learn on what needs to be done better next time and if nothing else trying to put a paper on how and what of visions.

Will this time pass away soon? It Will? Will it? Well I ask this to myself to bring a new myself to PLAN the best UNPLANNED times for me.... See you tomorrow