Monday, 26 October 2009

Of Teams and Trusts

I was told/asked today... "Trust Me, I can do a Good job"
I said "We Do"
He said "Thanks, do you mean the whole Team trusts in Me?"
I said "We do"

A Happy man goes out and on his desk to create innovations, those innovations that can change our lives. So does the word has so much weight in it, that it can make a sad face Happy? Yes it does...specially when it is being used beyond friends, families and loved ones.

In a Team, this ultimately diversified and complex subject has a lot of importance.. made of :

1. Mutual Respect and Understanding
2. Knowing each others strengths and weaknesses
3. Attitude to accept wins and losses
4. Arrogance to strive success at any costs

Many many more... such elements makes a Trust.. probably whoever added this word in the dictionary as TEAM.. thought of all T's together...


So how does your Team build this trust?

Well since it is about a group of people trying to achieve a common goal.. trust is a factor what comes during the execution process of achieving this goal.

1. They speak to each other about their likes and dislikes
2. They try to understand what each one of them is capable of
3. They Help and get helped by each other.
4. They sit in the Pantry room and talk about how Yankees are good then Red Sox.
5. They sit desk to desk and greet each other with smile when they see each other.
6. They are open to each other not only to share what they can easily do, but also to share what they cannot do
7. They think together
8. They agree and they Disagree.. and when there is a disagreement they put their points forth for discussion.

Well there are many things the Team members do to turn general functions into Trust.... Usually when a team is formed new.. every one is just a Role.. "A Project Manager" , "A Tech Lead" "A Developer" "A QA Member" "A Business Analyst"... when people start to look each other beyond the role they start building the Trust... and how do they Start to look at each other beyond role?

"Yogesh is a fan of Cricket"
"Raj , likes movies "
"David has an amazing collections of games"
"Sidd Loves romantic poems"
"Rob is a Sports Fan"

All of this makes the team members know about each other and that is where they start to think more than just a role.. "Step to build Trust - 1" - Know Each other well

Once they start knowing each other there is a test of commitment... When people start seeing each other with the level of commitment they give to the Team, builds the second stage ....I have seen teams going negative ways when any of the members starts to think that he is over commited while other isnt at all. "Step to build Trust - 2" - The Commitment to the Team

"I think I am not the right guy to do this"
"I think I messed it up"
"I should have done it like this"
"I failed, but I think I learnt my lessons"
"I was scared if I can achieve this or not, but I did not know how to say this"

If you hear this within the Team (Flowing from the leaders) its a step in building trust... when people are open and open enough to accept mistakes it means they trust that their counter part or Teams are going to help them . "Step to build Trust - 3 - Openness"

Love, Hatred and Trust doesnt come on day 1... The entire process takes time.. so when you trust that with time things will improve, it means you go in the right direction. Trust is built with time.. so let it have its own foundation.... dont enforce trust on Teams. "Step to build Trust - 4 - Take time"

You have your own timelines, yet you are there to help the other... That helping attitude wins a lot of trust and builds a lot of it within the Team... if you dont have troubles sorted by groups in the Team it means that you need to rethink on the trust factor. "Step to build Trust - 5 - Help and Get helped"

Team building is another way to build trust, slowly but steadily... Ask people to speak to each other when they are not connected. Get them involved so they can work out their issues. Have Team building games. Let people come with suggestions and let the groups give suggestions.
Step to build Trust - 6 - Team Building Exercises"

So what are you waiting for? Isnt it the time to build Trust? Go on Mate... choose your path to build trust for your team....
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