Saturday, 24 October 2009

Please dont Rape good Ideas!!!

We all have one beautiful thing called brain, and this beautiful thing helps us create several , several thousand ideas every day , every month , every year... eventually all those beautiful, unpolished, crude yet energizing ideas dont make it to the big reality... Well not only that several of them dont even get to the next level... not that all of these ideas are going to change the world, but Ideas loose track.. in other words Ideas are raped by its own creators sometimes and sometimes by the ones who share these ideas from the creators of it...
I request those beautiful brains who create good ideas not to rape them.. Yes Please dont rape them... bring them to the world so someone can turn them into reality... A few ways not to Rape your ideas:

1. Present them better
Like I said we all have great caliber to generate great Ideas... but 5 out of 10 times, ideas are not presented in a polished , brief and effective way...for instance somebody in the office recommended me to have 2 stand ups a day one as you start your day and one after your lunch... unfortunately a very good idea did not have a effective base to explain... just an Idea is not enough... you need to know whats the need to know whats needed in and out to make the Idea work...Ideally a Idea should be packaged with :

  • Whats the Idea

  • What it would take to implement it

  • What are good and bad points

  • Whats the execution path and ROI

2. Choose the right Audience
A lot of times Ideas get exposed and shut in the wrong audience... think of throwing a technical Idea to a sales person.. wow... its very important to expose the version of idea to the audience that can back the Idea with the required financial needs to implement it..
For instance if you have an idea to build a software to manage the parole of the company, share the Idea with the finance manager and explain him how your Idea will support his needs and reduce his costs.. if you go with this idea to your Software manager he would throw it out :P

3. Explain them better

If we implement this :
It will help us in Blah Blah
It will save us Blah Blah
It will let us do Blah Blah in future
Always when an Idea is to be presented make sure you present it with :

  • 2-4 Top Benefits functionaly and financially

  • 2-4 Top problems that would continue if we dont implement it

  • 2-4 Top costs that would be associated with it

  • Timelines of implementations....

Sounds good?
4. Show commitment to it

Whats the use of you throw the best Idea in the world and just delegate it to someone and dont follow up ever again.. I have seen best ideas throw away due to lack of ownerships from creators and owners..
If you are a Sr. manager .. put it in a TADA list with a follow up plan.. as in date X follow up 1 , Date Y follow up 2 etc etc.. Since this Idea is your baby make sure its problems and weaknesses are your too... take lead in resolving the blockers or supporting to resolve the blocks.

5. Be ready to evolve it
Even if your ego doesnt allow you to really take any changes to your ideas... Please prepare yourself to take changes and suggestions to your ideas.. after all that is what makes you a Team doesnt it?

6. Share it , never keep it to yourself

If I share my ideas my collegue / competitor will take it and do good?
If I share my Idea and somebody doesnt like it , I will have to face the trouble
They dont like My Ideas why share?
Well a lot of times above few questions actually result in a gang rape of your Ideas...
So now friends... dont keep your Ideas hidden, Dont rape them by doing things that really dont get them effective...
Go on Ideate..