Friday, 2 October 2009

Value Proposition

2nd October, amidst all the fears of the production issues we had this week... I ended up in the Management meeting in Paris... nice office, nice wonderful people and of course nice lunch...

The meeting went well and the last topic to cover was "Value Proposition" for some a buzzword, for some a stand of the company... to me it is what would define you!!!.. how many of us know what to talk when asked about "What you do???" I am sure not many... several know what they do but cannot articulate. so what is this Value proposition???? honestly I cannot spell it well but it doesn't matter if you can define it well...

The Big Boss put forth an amazing piece of definition... I accept, I like it... and to add to what it is I felt that to all others when you have to define your value propositions... think of :

Crossing the Charms define it well... like it did :

For: (bulls-eye customer)
Who: (key purchase motivation insight)
Our product is a: (customer language)
That: (key benefit)
Unlike: (key competitors)
Ours: (key differentiators)
At a price: (less than, equal to, or higher than competitors).

So whats our Value Proposition mates?????