Thursday, 29 October 2009

Name it!!!

I write this blog to request you to suggest a name to our Team that can match up to the below listed Qualities...We are an energized Software Team and I think a good aggressive label to our Team can help us evolve our qualities better... We dont want to be called our selves as yankees or Red Sox.. because we are no commodity ;) So if you think you are as Innovative as we are... try out giving a Name to us... we promise we would use it with respect and would love you for giving us a name..;)

1. We are fun
2. We are hard working
3. We believe in doing what can change life
4. We like to work with each other
5. We love to spend time with each other at or out of work
6. We believe in the power of Will
7. We love cracking jokes and enjoying them
8. We love writing code and developing innovative software's
9. We love to finish things not just because we have to finish them.. but becuase we have to complete them.
10. We are Hungry and Greedy... Hungry to learn and Greedy to use our knowledge in practice
11. We Preach what we practice and practice what we do the best..
12. We ignite ourselves with the fuel of passion. Passion to build great things
13. We appraise ourselves every day
14. We are aggressive as warriors and believe in winning.
15. We are calm as Oceans but with the depth of knowledge.
16. We are creative , And we urge to be Super Creative
17. We are innovative , and We want to be Super Innovative

So if you think you got some name in mind that can match up some of the Team qualities that are listed above... do drop a line to Me.. or add it as a comment..