Thursday, 31 December 2009

2009 to give way for India 2.0 and Sameer Shaikh 2.0

Yes.. 2009 goes off... Today as on 31st December we all would release 2009 to get into a mode of retrospection and planning for the next year. A quick review on this blog for the prime time actions of 2009...

1. Depression : The biggest ever economic crisis continued all through the year almost, trying to get its head up the economy was altogether a platform to inspiring leaders. Those of apples and facebooks and twitters who made money even in the downturn show that there is nothing called as depression.

2. The Obama's got in to Steer America to a better reputation. Manmohan Singh re-elected to lead the largest democracy in the world.

3. Swine Flu terrorised the world as mush as Al Qaida and other terrorist organizations did.

4. Andhra Pradesh is burning.. earlier with the death of YSR and then with the Telangana issue.

5. Sachin shows that fitness is in mind, Tiger shows it somewhere else ;)

6. We spend almost half of our year to plan and deliver the future of our Company.

7. India gets Intelligent people like Manmohan Singh, Shashi Tharoor, Nandan Nilekani in the cabinet.

On a personal level :
1. It was a Happy year.. lot of work
2. We could bring the old gems together to work with and elevate the future with class
3. The Teams in UK and India started up well and are contributing to the future leaps and bounds
4. Inspite of tough year our Management showed a lot of faith in us and Development
5. I found a way to find time and blog..In the last 3 months I almost blogged 50% of what I blogged in rest of the year.. some of them I thought were quality posts.
6. I prepare for a funfast new year.

Wish you all a very Happy New Year and a funfilled New Year eve.. May this year bring a lot of propsperity, wealth and fun to your professional and personal lives. Have a review of your Year soon so you can start preparing for it.