Wednesday, 16 December 2009

21 Habits of Winners none of Sinners

We started the series together, you and me for the Winning Habits and More Winning Habits , We left the path way half way... and this definitely is not a winners habit... so we come back to cover what we left behind.. Yes.. what are those habits of winners that really make them winner.. what are those habits that we have and cant see? Or need a bit of polishing? Lets run through the habits of Winners... those 21 that I think can bring a new perspective to our lives.... to yours to mine.

1. They carry the Attitude
The Attitude to survive , Succeed, Grow , Help , Improve is what they posses as an inherit quality. They may not be great by acts but they are definitely greater by attitude. My customer screwed up the setup and I have to spend my weekend fixing it, So what, they rely on us and they run a big business on us... I have to do this.

They care about themselves, the people they work with and when you care you show a great Attitude. Their answer to what you care the most is "The values we deliver to our customers, then the values we spread in the Team". Yes they have a fantabolous attitude... Do you?

2. They kill negativity
The Biggest killer of productivity is negativity .... Jealous of collegues growing, not happy about company , not happy about work , people blah blah blah.... Winners learn not to crib... they learn to find out their way in-spite of problems... They try to kill the negativity by spreading the positivity around.

Way back in 1999 I went to see a cricket match , Sitting in the dressing room with the players a few of which were friends.. I read through and realized that they were all cribbing.. bad pitch , Bad setup, bad team , bad selection , bad opponents, bad everything... One of the assistant coach came in and asked "What is important to us? to win this game or to think about why the hosts did not give us a good ground or why we dont have good cricket kit?".. The captain took the broken leg pads and went to bat, scored a ton came back... Team inspired, negativity died.

3. They Posses Creativity

Not everything works same way always... Winners are creative minds... Because they realise how important it is to win, they try to find all possible ways to win.. Creativity erupts. Not only they are creative in some segments.. they are creative in all what they do. Creativity helps them do what they really want to do.

A fresher from school took a job into sales.. he went door to door to sell scissors and home use goods... first day of his job he was trained on field, second day a colleague took him along with... however the colleague chose to visit all friends and relatives and distributed them the goods, for him he sold everything he had... the freshmen could not sell anything, because he was just following to keep up with his colleague. He cried that night , next day he came afresh, he went alone with the goods... targeted goods that were for kids, took the encyclopedia to all houses as it was summer time... went to a garden with playing kids demonstrated and got more than expected items sold.. He knew what he wanted to achieve ;)

4. They have a perspective
It is important to have a perspective on what you do. People having no perspective of things end up doing things for no cause... long term with NO Interest. They choose to relax and think for a while on what they want to do, every day , every hour , every moment. They celebrate what they accomplish and thus get inspired to do more of it.

5. They educate themselves every now and then
If Jack never learnt new things, he would go out of Job. They learn new things always.. but they educate themselves on new things.... For them learning is one side of the coin.. educating self is another...

6. They organize themselves
How can you do things if you dont know what to do , how to do and when to do... Winners are habitat of organization. They organize well. they know how to organize.. A friend of mine who is a 3 kid Mom, works with an IT company does a 11 hour shift a day , handles husband, kids , school and everything.... yet spends time writing a blog which is read by a few hundreds everyday....
7. They Collaborate
Always... they collaborate... they know that knowledge comes by sharing.. they share . Meet new people. throw ideas. Throw ideas to anyone they meet... They are not afraid of someone stealing their ideas... if ideas were stolen.. apple falling would have been credited to someone else...
8. They Integrate

Just meeting people isnt enough.. you ahve to integrate well to cultures , to environments to places.. this is what winners do.. they adapt and integrate easily.. this helps them building trust and bondings easily.

9. They accept mistakes
They make mistakes and then they accept it. They face and are ready to face consequences... running away from mistakes is not what they do. A development team did a major change in their product. One of the developers working on it screwed it up badly, he knew he screwed it up.. he started running away from the bugs , issues raised around it... to a matter that he never asked about what was happening with the development he did for long. The release went through with lot of issues. He knew he made a mistake.. he came up and said... "I screwed it up, I could have done it better.. next time this wont happen"

10. They are passionate for Success
Success is what they see in everything they do and every where they are. The passion is dark and thats why they see and want to see and meet success. If you are doing things for the sake of it... you are just doing it. If you see Success as your goal.. yes you have a way to go...

11. They are Proactive
They think future. They are proactive, sometimes careful, sometimes pessimistic... but they are proactive...They may build an ark with a fear of a storm... people may laugh at them for it.. but they want to be prepared for the worst. They ensure that all potentials are thought of.

12. They think of the finish line
When they begin they think of the finish line... They are the Usain Bolt in mind.... they only see the 8 second mark and the finish line.... Winners want to see the end, they see the end right in the beginning... Its the attitude to see the end that drives them to success.... its like running bare foot in a desert with no map is very less productive than running barefoot in the same desert but knowing where to go and how.

13. First things first
Priority matters to them... So you wont find them doing things just becuase they know how to do it... or it is easy.. what comes on priority is the first thing they do...

14. Winner is a Winner is a Winner, They win, They let win
They want to win. They win. They want to win they let others win along with them. Winners believe in collective growth.

15. They Synergize
They Synergize and generate an energy to surpass.. Synergizing is a regular habit of winners.

16. They Learn from mistakes and success
Everyone does from mistakes.. they learn their lessons from success and failures.
17. They leave Ego to sleep
If ego is working, nothing else is.. They know this well and thus they leave ego in a can, closed and freezed in a freezer.

18. They Innovate
They do new things, regularly. They believe in things differently. Always.. Innovation and creativity goes hand in hand for them.

19. They think collectively
They give importance to opinions. They think collectively. They think as a Team. They are eager to get matters discussed and find a solution a common way. Yet they dont want or are not keen in getting what they desire... For them collective thinking is getting a good solution not MY Solution.

20. They lead , They lead from front
They are their with the Teams, with their colleagues. They step ahead to do things, to take responsibilities and work on getting it to success. They lead even if they are not leading.. They drive the path and vision the pathway. They are in the front row of everything to make it happen.

21. They realize they are Winners
They know they are winner... true winners. They know this and thats why they win... they realise their potential and know that they can do anything on this earth.... Winners in heart , in mind know they are winners... be it Napolean, or be it Gandhiji.... they know they can do it, without a Doubt.