Sunday, 27 December 2009

The Christmas Gift exchange

The first time we did this as a Team was 4 years ago, my first year in the current company, our Stress Busters team organized this event. Since then every year we have being doing this, and every time we do it we love it more. To me this was new, but kind of amazing. I cover you the event we did on 24th evening with the small Team of 10 guys in Pune and on 21st with the UK Team. I am sure everyone enjoyed, but as usual I cannot resist putting it on the blog.

So here are the rules of the Game, You can try this it can be a very good Team building event.
Each one of the member secretly brings a gift and keeps it in the store room, no one except the person who bought the wrapped gift knows what it is, Till the actual day and time of the gift exchange the gifts are collected and being bought up in the area where the exchange will happen. Each member based on a roll can go and pick up a gift from the pool of gifts without seeing what exactly it is, he then unwraps it, if he doesn’t like the gift he opened he has a choice to select any of the other gifts that are opened by others. The first one is the most unlucky one as he would not get this chance. So A, B, C and D have opened there gifts already and E comes and picks up the next and he doesn’t like the gift, he can choose from A,B,C or D.. the person who just lost his gift has a choice to pick up a new gift or choose from A,B,C. You are allowed to setup and bargain with others for the gift you like. As many interesting gifts you have creates as much of stealing and bargaining.

The funny part of this exchange was initially we started by changing a rule that no one can unwrap the gift until end, but then we refactored in the middle as it was not getting interesting to change the rule and let open the gift as you take up the gift.

The funny items in this exchange that almost all people liked and were wanting to have the Movie tickets of “3 Idiots” a new released movie which was well booked on the weekend, A wireless headset. We had contestants Yogesh T , Ani , Vijay wanting to have the movie tickets. Rhushi , Puneet, Ani , Amit wanting the wireless.

So begin our exchange with the pool and the first one to go unlucky was Nikhita... Rhushi, Ani and Puneet lost the wireless as others who came in a roll always picked that item, eventually the desperation for the wireless lead to a level where I was offered 100 Rs to pick up the wireless for other and it went as an auction, especially because I was the last one on the roll. People started sharing their gifts in exchange to get their favourite.

This was a funny exercise and of the 1 hr of fun we had, we had good laughters and shares of jokes, some good reactions, some desperative attempts and art of bargains to keep the gifts or convince others to take their so that they can pick others.

I wish we get Christmas exchanges more often and Christmas keeps on coming. Over and Over under so much of pressure we really really had a good time. I am also waiting for the Team in UK to send me the photos / videos to be added here...