Sunday, 6 December 2009

Julie and Julia - Learn Passion

I happened to watch this movie on my way to Frankfurt.. believe me, amazing movie. Its a movie based on 2 stories... 2 different stories that interconnect. One of a person who revolutionize the cooking, the other that took the revolution to a different height... The story runs in 2 different generations 1 in early 1940's when Julia a housewife who is taken to Paris with her husband due to his job, learns the art of cooking... with her indefatigable spirit , and hard work she earns what she was looking for.. passion glitters in her eyes... 50 years later... Julie is stuck in her cubicle sorting grievances... what she loves is cooking, finally she moves to a blog where she would put her experiment to cook all the 529 recipes that Julia had written in her book.. putting a timeline to herself... 1 Year.

The story is amazing.. though it runs in 2 generations it brings reality so close... Now why am I writing this in the blog... the reason is PASSION... the movie reveals tremendous passion both of these characters played by Meryl Streep and Amy Adams played... Passion what makes your job interesting and life fruitful errrrrrr.....and I link it to one of the P's when I say (P) Management is better than Sex...

From the movie I derive the following....

1. Passion is truth
2. If you have it , you do it.
3. The only way passion dies is by dehydrating it with the excuses of dearth
4. Passion makes you find your inner self.

But many of us dont even know what we are passionate about.. isnt it? Ask a collegeue sitting next to you on what he is passionate about... the answers would be simple and funny ... "Technology" , "Sports" "blah ablha"

But they dont understand the difference between liking something and passion.... Passion is something:

1. That keeps you awake always
2. That raises your voice when you speak about it
3. That is the only subject in your mind
4. That lets you keep talking about the same thing for hours and hours
5. That creates a vacuum in you when you aint doing it

Surprisingly I found the link to the blog that Julie kept on writing atleast in the movie (Its not complete)... here it goes :