Wednesday, 23 December 2009

What is your most innovative thought, One that we cant find on Google

If the answer in your mind is "I dont know" Or "not yet" then its time for you to get your innovation cells activated and do some serious thinking. Yes... Today I had a chat with a graduate student from the University campus session I did last week. He asked me on how he can find a job that would keep him inspiring..

I asked "What do you think would inspire you?"
He said "New Challenges and New things to implement"
I asked "New? what new?"
He replied "New, like twitter, maybe a twitter based startup"

I told him... Think of the Idea and the UVP associated, Yes the value proposition that the users of what you would develop would derive... Think of something that we wont find on Google or Bing or Techcrunch and then define what value it would bring to people, community and user base. An Idea that is just new wont help... an Idea that can bring a high degree of Unique value proposition would, An Idea that is new and brings a high degree of UVP will definitely. Yes we would call it value driven Innovation!

The guy went back... and I am waiting for him to come back with several ideas of his, that he thinks can bring a difference. I assume the thought of innovating the thoughts to innovate is motivating....

So what has being your most innovative thought? The thought that we dont see on Google yet!!!!