Saturday, 26 December 2009

That 1 thing

Well we always crib about that one thing... When in school you say that 1 Grade that got me off second, that 1 chance I did not get to make the football team, that 1 thing I lacked the other guy had and got the girl I had a huge crush on, that I failed negotiation that got you in the wrong job, 1 bad deal that took your promotion off, 1 delayed release that got sales loose confidence in you... We all have this 1 thing... 1 thing that always hit, every now and then , every time or another... we are always pulled back by that 1 thing...

But.. now isnt it enough time you cribbed about that 1 thing? isnt it time you should just grow up and change the perspective of that 1 thing? Why not take this one thing and see how positively it can make our lives well....

This year think of :

That 1 Hope that you need to make lives better for your customers.

That 1 remark from your customer that your product is Great.

That 1 Thank you from your support team for handling the issue well.

That 1 word of appreciation from your Team that can help you build another great product

That 1 feeling of gratitude towards your Team that work so hard to help you succeed.

That 1 wish to grow higher and higher and still be ethical on moral and professional grounds

That 1 thing you always hated and see how you can turn it around

That 1 missing element in your product that take you miles away from competition

That 1 Idea that can change the world

That 1 moment of Happiness that you get from your kids, family, Teams.

That 1 mistake you made last time, that you definitely want to correct

That 1 thing you are being asked to improve

and to make all this happen that 1 thing that we call Attitude....